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Implementing Team Password Management

Looking to improve your business’s security? Don’t know how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With team password management you can ensure that all of your business accounts are secure and that you’re in control of who has access to what. Throughout this blog, we will be outlining how you can use a new or…


How To Use Facebook Ads For Cart-Abandonment Remarketing Campaigns

Do you find a lot of people going through your checkout? But few actually complete a purchase?   If so, then you may be facing a serious case of cart-abandonment, in other words, people are going to your checkout, and then for some reason or another, they decide not to go through with the purchase. …


Discover How To Add GTM To Your WordPress Website

Do you have a WordPress website? Do you have GTM installed? If working with code isn’t your strong suit, then utilising GTM could be a great option for you, as you’ll be able to make all the changes you need, without having to edit a single line of your site’s code.  This blog will offer…

People using different devices at one table

A Warm Welcome Email Using MailChimp

Are you preparing to start an email campaign? Maybe you already have a rapidly growing email list? Have you considered the first impression you want to make with your emails when a new subscriber is added to your list? Ensure that you give people the warm welcome they deserve when they join your email list…


Find Out How To Use Gmail To Send Bulk Outreach Emails

Looking to provide tailored emails? But you have too many subscribers to do it manually? Have you considered bulk outreach emails using Gmail? Let’s face it, we all want to provide people with interesting content tailored to suit them, but if you have tens, maybe even hundreds of email subscribers, then customised email content can…

Double exposure of businessman using the tablet with cityscape and financial graph on blurred building with world map and mail background, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Advance Your Business With Basic Email Testing

Do you have an email campaign implemented? Have you thought about basic email testing? If you’ve ever sent an email and immediately noticed a spelling or grammar mistake, then you’ll know that sudden pang of dread as you realise your entire message may now be unclear. Ensure that whenever people receive an email from you,…


A Basic Guide to Tracking Subdomains’ Verification Process

Did you know? When a user switches between multiple domains on your website, Google Analytics will count it as separate sessions – meaning you can’t keep track.  By ensuring you track subdomains, you can ensure you know and understand your customer’s journey when they are on your website.  If you have a website with various…


Discover How To Implement Conversion Goals in Google Analytics

Are you aware of how users behave on your site?  Are they completing desired actions – i.e. watching one of your tutorials?   Ensure you know if your website users are performing actions that will aid your business’s growth by setting up conversion goals in google analytics.  Don’t know how? Don’t worry, we’ve created this…


A Simple Framework To Target Business Owners Using Facebook Ads

Before implementing a full-blown Facebook Ad campaign, it’s important to ensure that you’ve prepared a strategy that will grab the attention of your target audience, ensuring that their only option is to try and find out more. We’ve created this blog to try and help you understand how important having a strategy in place for…

Close up of businessman drawing increasing graph with marker

Simple Steps to Setting up Cross-Domain Tracking

Want a clearer insight into your Google Analytics data? Need to know the journey your customers take on your website? If you have multiple websites, then there’s a good chance that cross-domain tracking with be a major asset to your analytics setup. Ensure that you get the most accurate results possible by setting up Cross…