Implementing Team Password Management


Looking to improve your business’s security?

Don’t know how?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With team password management you can ensure that all of your business accounts are secure and that you’re in control of who has access to what.

Throughout this blog, we will be outlining how you can use a new or existing LastPass account to set up a secure password which can help to boost the security of your website.

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    • By utilising this blog, you can ensure that your business accounts are secure. 
    • You can ensure that you effectively manage your different accounts while preventing the threat of external unauthorised access.
    • If you successfully complete this blog, then you will be able to manage all of your business accounts from one source. 
    • By setting up team password management you can better protect your business from hacking. 


    Setting Up 

      1. Open in a new tab. 
      2. You will need to create a team account – there is the option of choosing between a free two-week trial or a paid account.
      3. Once you’ve created an account, you will need to create a Master Password.
        • Important – ensure the master password is something you will remember in the future –  it needs to be unique.
        • You will now need to download the LastPass extension to set up on your browser.



    New Account – Creating Passwords 

    1. You will need to create an account for an online app.
    2. Now type in your email address and select the LastPass extension, and then “Generate password” – you can now copy the generated password, and use it when you create your account. 
    3. A LastPass popup will appear – select “Add” so that your new account is added to the app.


    Existing Account – Creating Passwords 

    In this case, you may already have unsecured passwords – this means that you need to update them in order to make them secure. Follow these steps to do so:

    1. Log into one of your accounts, and click on these options in this set order:
      • Account Settings 
      • LastPass extension 
      • “Generate secure password”

    You will now need to copy the generated password and use it to replace your account’s current password.

    A LastPass popup will appear, make sure to select “Add” (if it’s a new account), or if its an account already registered with LastPass, click “Update”. 


    Using LastPass to Log into your Accounts 

    1. You will need to choose one of your accounts to log in using LastPass
    2. Go to the website of your account 
    3. When you see the form field, you will be able to see the LastPass icon – by clicking on it, you will be able to select your account.
    4. LastPass will fill in the fields for you. 


    Sharing Login Details

    This section of the blog has been designed to help you understand how you can use LastPass to share login information with team members. 

    1. Use LastPass to create a shared folder 
      • Open the dashboard of LastPass 
      • You will now need to click on “Sharing Center” and then “Add a new folder”
      • By doing this, you can use this folder to give access to multiple individuals.
        • We would advise you to create departmental folders.
      • Give your folder a name and then click “Create” 


    2. After the folder has been created, you will need to outline which team members will have access to it.

      • To open the settings for your folder, select “Manage” 
      • You will then be given the option of sharing the folder with your team members, by ticking the “Send email” box, they will be sent an email inviting them.
      • Ensure that you tick the relevant boxes.
        • “Read Only” – this is for users who are able to use the logins (only those in this folder)
        • “Admin” – for users who are able to add or edit the folder’s logins.


    3. When the users receive the “Invite” email, they will be given 2 options:

      • New LastPass users – prompted to join 
      • Existing users – given the option of joining the folder


    4. Once you have included all the users you wanted to, you will need to start adding sites to the shared folder. You can do this by following these steps:

      • Start on the LastPass dashboard, you will then need to click “Sites”
      • You will now need to choose the accounts which you want to make sure are added to the shared folder.
      • Make sure to select “Actions” and then “Move to folder”, you will now be given the option of clicking on the folder you want to use. 
      • Once done, you will need to save the changes.


    You’re done!

    You have now successfully given everyone access to the shared folder, not only that, but you’ve made your business accounts more secure. 

    Thanks for reading our blog, we really appreciate it, and hope that you found it useful!

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