Identify your ideal customer and supercharge your marketing efforts!

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    It’s common knowledge in the marketing world that if you know who you’re marketing to then your efforts are much more effective. The problem is, the majority of businesses don’t bother! Instead, they throw money into widespread campaigns that sell their services based on their features and end up wondering where their budget disappeared. MADNESS!

    Instead, try the smart way:

    • Pitch directly to your perfect customer
    • Tell them specifically how you will solve their problems
    • Provide them with value, move them toward their goal
    • Ask them to buy

    In order for this strategy to be effective, you need to know your customer/client. Use the tool below to picture who you’re marketing to and reap a high return on investment.

    I go through this regularly with my clients and without fail it always improves yield on marketing campaigns. As with anything marketing related though, it does require testing. So make sure to follow the following 3 step cycle:

    1. Hypothesize (profile your perfect customer)
    2. Implement (market to them)
    3. Review (what were the results like? what would you change?)

    Your perfect customer might end up not being quite who you thought it was, but I guarantee once you zero in on them you will have the greatest relationship you can imagine!

    Every business, product and service is different, so I’d love it if you could let us know!

    We are obsessed with helping businesses utilise cutting edge technology to help them sell more online, whether it’s products or services. We’re always interested in chatting, whether it’s about latest technology/methodology or your newest project.

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