How You Can Use Business Manager To Create A Facebook Ads Account


Did you know?

Over 2 billion people are active on Facebook?

With so many people utilising 1 social media platform, it’s easy to see why it’s an attractive marketing platform for businesses, but did you know you could set up a Business Manager to ensure you stay in control?

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    Top Tip

    1. To follow the steps that we are going to outline, you need to make sure that you have your Facebook account set up. 



    • By utilising Business Manager, you can ensure that when you are managing and sharing Facebook Assets, it is being done so securely.
    • Using Business Manager means that you will be able to control over various pages as well as accounts.
    • You can rest assured that the system you have in place is secure when you are assigning roles to different individuals. 


    First Steps 

    To begin, we’re going to show you how to set up a Business Manager account.

    1. You will need to start on the Facebook Business Manager page.
    2. Now you will need to select “Create Account”, and if you’re not already, make sure that you are logged in. 
    3. Now you will need to create your Business Manager Account – this process is something that we will be outlining in further detail below:
      1. Make sure to input the name of your business 
        1. You should be aware that external bodies who have control over your assets will be able to see this name. 
      2. Now select “Continue” and then make sure to input:
        1. Your name 
        2. Business Email Address

    Once you’ve done this, make sure to hit “Finish”

    1. You’ve now created your Facebook Business Manager. 


    Ad Account Creation 

      1. Make sure that you are using the previous version of “Ads Manager UI”
      2. On the homepage of your Business Manager account, you will need to select “Add Ad Account”. 
      3. Now select “Create a new ad account”, once you have done this, you will need to input the required details.
    • Important – make sure that you pay close attention to the currency option you choose for your account, as you will be unable to alter this in the future. 
    1. After you have clicked the “Create Add Account” button, you will be given the option of assigning people to the account – we advise you to ensure you have at least added yourself.
      • Don’t worry, you will be able to people in the future, so you don’t have to assign everyone right now. 
    2. The ad account has now been set up!


    Adding Payment Methods 

    1. If you don’t already, you need to make sure a Payment Method is in place. 
    2. Select “Add a Payment Method” and then “Select an Ad Account” 
    3. Now you need to choose the Ad Account you have made and then select “View Payment Methods”.
    4. Now make sure to select “Add Payment Method” and then “Payment Method from Business Manager”
    5. You will be given the option of choosing from a Business Manager payments list. You need to make sure you choose 1 which is relevant for this account, before selecting “Continue” and then “Make Primary” 
    6. A notification should now appear – it will be confirmation of the payment method you chose, it’s just letting you know that this has been added to your Ad account.


    And… you’re done!

    You should now be able to see your Facebook Ad Account on the homepage of your Business Manager. 

    Thanks for reading, we hope that you found our blog useful – if you did, then make sure to check us out on social media, so that you can keep updated with our latest news and blogs. 

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