Guide To Funnel Experiment Organisation

Table of Contents
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    Looking to streamline your process for funnel experiment ordering?

    Follow our short and sharp blog on how you can organise your funnel experiments, so you can make sure you know which are the highest priority out of the list you’ve set up. 



    1. You’re going to have a clear insight into how you can organise your experiments correctly.
    2. This process will also help you to clearly order the experiments that you’re intending to set up for your business based on how important you view them to be.


    Getting Started

    1. Open this spreadsheet template and make your own copy.

    2. Outline the experiments which you are intending to set up in the relevant section.

    3. Now you’re going to need to choose the “Affected Area” of the funnel

    4. Give the experiments you’re intending to implement a rating – based on a 1-5 scale (the rating that you give them will relate to the effect they will have on your organisation). View the 1-5 values based on the following specifications:

      1. 5 – Very High-Level Effect – Highest option available relating to impact

      2. 4 – High Effect –  Major impact on your KPIs’ performance 

      3. 3 – Medium Level Effect – See good results in KPIs 

      4. 2 – Low Effect – minimal effect on your KPIs

      5. 1 – Very Low Effect – Hardly noticeable change in your KPIs

    5. The rating that you give the experiments will need to be based on how simple they will be to get up and running.

      • View 1 as very difficult
      • View 5 as really simple
    6. The “Sort” section is going to need to be organised based on “Z to A”


    And you’re done! You will be able to see that the data will be organised in a way that ranks those with higher priority at the top, and lower priority information will be further down the list.