Google Search Console Setting Up Process


Interested in setting up Google Search Console?

Then this is the blog for you.

You’ll learn how to set up GSC and then connect it to the relevant plugin so you can ensure your account is set up correctly, the end result will be that the verification of your property on the Google Search Console is successful, meaning you are able to see if your website has any crawl issues through your Admin panel in WordPress.

We’ve designed a blog to guide you through the process, step-by-step, so we hope you find it useful. Before you get started, make sure to check out our top tips, so you know this blog is the right one for you to follow!

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    Top Tips 

    These are just a few key things that you need to be aware of when you’re following this blogpost:

    1. This blog assumes that you are already using Google Tag Manager on your website.
    2. By following this blog, you will be connecting your GSC to the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.
    3. This is something that you will only need to do once for each domain. Although, when you create a subdomain or begin using a new protocol you’ll need to do this again.


    What is Google Search Console?

    Just in case you’re not entirely familiar with the concept of Google Search Console, we’ll give you a brief overview.

    It is a Google tool which you can use to monitor the performance of your website. You can use it to collect data relevant to your ranking, and ways to optimise your visibility.



    • The Google Console Search tool is free to use.
    • You are able to utilise the Google Search Console as your main method of communicating with Google.
    • You will have an even greater ability to identify crawling errors before they have an impact on your website’s ranking.
    • By communicating with Google, you will be able to identify any possible penalties which could impact your ranking.


    Google Search Console Sign-up & Domain Verification

    1. You will need to search for Google Search Console and use your Google account to log in.
    2. Once you have been taken to the welcome page, you be given the opportunity to “Add Property”. From the dropdown menu, you will need to click on “Website”, before inputting your website’s URL.
      • You need to ensure that the URL you input is the same as what appears in the URL Bar – including the protocol as well as the subdomain.
      • In the event that you have a website which supports more than one protocol and subdomain, then you are going to need to add all of them into the Search Console, the reason that you will need to do this is because the console will treat them all individually.
    3. Now you will notice that there are multiple ways that you are able to authenticate your account.
      • In the event that you are already using GTM or Google Analytics, we would advise that you use them, this is because they are the easiest and quickest ways for authentication.
      • If you aren’t, then we would suggest using the recommended method – as this will be the quickest one to use.
    4. You will need to click on “Alternate Methods” and then “Google Tag Manager”, before selecting “Verify”
    5. A success message pop up, once this has appeared, you will need to select “Continue” – your Search Console dashboard will now be visible to you.


    Search Console & Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Connection 

    1. You will need to start off by opening up the Admin Dashboard of WordPress
    2. Now you will need to find “SEO” on the sidebar and then click on “Search Console” when the sub-option appears.
    3. Select “Get Google Authorisation Code” and then choose your Google Account and log in.
    4. Once you’ve done this, you will need to click on the “Allow” button.
    5. You will notice that you are given a code – this is something you need to input into the configurations of the Yoast SEO Search Console.
    6. Once you have done this, make sure to click the “Authenticate” button.
    7. You need to choose your URL from the dropdown menu, before selecting “Save Profile”.



    Congratulations! You have now successfully connected the Google Search Console and Yoast SEO – this means that you are able to get information regarding all of your website’s crawl issues to the admin panel of your WordPress account.

    Thanks for reading!

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