Google Ads Account – Setting Up Process


Looking to start running ads for your business, but don’t know how to set up a Google Ads account?

Then you’re on the right blog!

We’re going to be guiding you through the process of setting up a Google Ads account to help you use this powerful tool to reach your ideal audience.

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    • A Google Ads account is an invaluable tool that can help you to reach the right target audience through your advertising.
    • Awareness, Consideration and Acquisition Campaigns make it easier than ever to define your goals. 
    • By the end of this blog, you will have access to a dashboard for your campaigns as well as all the tools that are available through Google Ads.


    Account Creation 

    1. You’ll need to start on the Google Ads website
    2. Select the “Start Now” button.
      • Now you will notice that you have 2 choices:
        • Using the default option – Guided Setup 
        • Skipping the option for a Guided Setup
          • Use the skip option in the event that you:
            • Aren’t new to using Google Ads 
            • Need access to Google Ads features 
            • Do not have a website
            • Aren’t intending to immediately set up your initial campaign 
      • We will explain both of the options in further detail below – simply select the one that suits your requirements.


    Guided Setup Method 

      1. Input the email address that you are intending for your website and Google Ads account to be linked to, before clicking “Continue”.
      2. Now you need to set up a starting campaign and then select the “Save and continue” button 
        • Budget
        • You will be able to see your daily budget here, in the event that you aren’t sure about how much money would be best to use for a starting campaign, you are able to choose a low value (i.e. £1)
        • Locations 

    Where you are intending for your ads to be displayed – the majority of the time, people select where their target audience is based.

        • Networks 

    Now, you will be able to choose where you want your ads to be presented. 

          • Search Network

    These are websites that use the search engine: Google 

          • Display Network

    These are apps and websites which display Google Advertising, regardless of if they are from Google or another third-party. 

        • Keywords 

    These are keywords that you are intending for your ads to be activated by. You will be able to find some keyword suggestions that Google views as being relevant based on the website that you initially inputted.

        • Bid

    You need to decide whether the bid you’re setting up needs to be done automatically or manually. 

          • If you are unfamiliar with bid go with the automatic option.
        • Text Ad 

    This is where you will be crafting your ad – there is the option to see a real-time preview.


    1. Now you will need to input your payment and billing information, before then selecting “Finish and create ad”
      • Once you have inputted your preferred currency and time zone, you will be unable to change this information.
      • If you do have a Google Ads Coupon, this is the time you will need to add it. 


    1. And… you’ve set up your Google Ads account! Now the ad that you have created is going through the approval process, so this means that you will need to select the “Go to your account” button.


    1. Now, you should be able to see the dashboard of your account, and this means that you are now able to use the platform. 
      • It is important that you remember that the newly created campaign is now pending approval – this means that it will not start running until it has been approved. In the event that you don’t want the campaign to run, then you will need to set it to “Pause” – you can do this by changing the “Campaign Status”


    Non-Guided Setup Method 

    1. Inside of Google Ads, during the phase of signing up, you will need to click “Skip the guided setup”
    2. Once you have inputted your relevant details, you will need to click on the “Save and continue” button.
      • Ensure that the currency you choose is the right one, as you will be unable to change this in the future.
    3. You’re done! You will now be seeing the dashboard of your account
      • Important – as you skipped past the guided setup, you will need to implement a payment method before you start running campaigns. 


    Auto-Tagging Implementation 

    This isn’t something you have to do, although we would advise that you do. Your URL will automatically have a parameter added to it by this Google feature – this means that Google Analytics is able to detect where users have come from based on the ad. This can be hugely beneficial as you won’t have to go through the process of manually tagging campaigns and can reduce the space for human error, while also supplying you with a more in-depth Google Analytics report.

    1. Log into your Google Ads account. 
    2. Go over to the sidebar and click on these in the following order:
      • “Settings”
      • “Account Settings”
      • Beneath the “Auto-tagging” area you will need to tick “Tag the URL that people click through my ad”
      • “Save”


    And you’re done! Now, you should be able to see your Google Ads traffic details inside your Google Analytics a day after your ads started running.

    Thanks for reading!

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