COVID19 Business Survival – In The Face Of Uncertainty, How Will You React?

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    Even though some aspects of our lives may have come to a standstill, the fact still remains that we must continue to think ahead to the future. The steps we take now determine our outcome as responsible businesses.


    As new safety measures are issued, and places of group gatherings are closed, the streets are going to empty, more and more people are going to have to work from home, and there’s a possibility of businesses falling into a downward spiral.


    In other words… It’s crunch time. 


    We understand that digital marketing is likely not going to be the first thing that comes to mind right now, it might not even fall into the top 10 – but it’s vital to recognise that as a nation (and responsible business owners) we need to take precautionary measures. 


    Now is the time for action, for setting up your game plan and staying on top of it. In the face of it all, instead of simply accepting the things that are out of our control, we have to make use of the things we CAN control.


    Hours will be spent scrolling through social media feeds, and now more than ever, people across the world will be clinging to their phones in a desperate attempt to stay connected.

    During that time, just think of how many Facebook Ads, Google Ads and countless other forms of digital advertisement are going to fall in front of them. Now here’s another train of thought, how much of that advertising is coming from YOU?


    Once COVID-19 has been contained, there’s going to be a new reality to face, one full of challenges that have arisen from the aftermath of the virus. Without proper preparation, businesses may have to start from scratch with their marketing efforts. 


    At this moment in time, we’re all struck by the looming issue that is the Coronavirus, which has grabbed the world’s attention with a vice-like grip. With buying not being on your prospects’ mind, it’s time to face the fact that the 3% of your market that you (and your competitors) rely on to survive is going to shrink. 


    So now isn’t a time for hesitation, indecisiveness, or panic. 

    It’s time for action. 


    Digital marketing is vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but now is the time that the traditionally cut-throat and brutal marketplaces are going to lose their competitive edge as everyone dials back on their ad spend. While others sit back and watch, unaware that cutting back their ad spend WILL Have a future impact and cost them opportunity, there’s a chance for you to dive into digital marketing and save money on what would usually be a highly competitive platform.


    Think of the market potential on Facebook alone, with over 2 billion users, there’s an endless amount of opportunity when it comes to advertising on this platform, and every single day, millions of people pass the time flicking through the latest adverts and messages until something catches their eye.


    Now imagine that it’s your Facebook ad that grabs their attention:

    With a combination of spellbinding copy and stunning graphics, you’ll have a valuable advert that simply can’t be ignored. 


    Facebook isn’t the only option, even 97% of users who aren’t actively looking for the products and services you provide could have their focus reshifted onto your business using effective advertising. With digital marketing, the potential is limitless, all you have to do is take that first leap of faith to get things started. 


    It’s important to realise that while now people may not have any interest in buying now, that is going to change in the future, life will eventually return to normal, and the need to buy will rise again. When that happens, the work you do NOW will make sure it’s YOU they choose in the future. 


    Value is important to any prospective buyer, they’re interested in what you can provide them with, and once this pandemic has been contained, their need for products and services will once again take precedence. 

    In other words, they’ll be ready to buy, which begs the question, are you ready to take it to the next level to get REAL results for your business?

    We’re here to help you capture leads by providing your prospects with value, helping you to create strong relationships with your clients over time. 


    You need to do all you can to help your business survive, and we’re here to offer a helping hand. Our business relies on the success of yours, so we’ve hit our drawing board hard to provide you with strategies that matter. We’re confident between our strategies and your efforts we can make a real difference to your business.


    Influences that are out of our control can sometimes be the hardest hitting, which is why we’re here, waiting to take your call and help your business get through the hard times so, in the future, your business will not only survive but thrive. 

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