Case study

Your 360 Business Review

29 March 2021



With an eye for detail and an analytical mindset, Your 360 Business Review’s project was a pleasure to work on and watch them grow as a start-up. 


With the primary set-up of Your 360 Business Review’s project being a website and funnel build, the key was understanding the exclusive AI software used by the company.


For the time we worked together, the Orisel team worked on building a website that would easily showcase company services and knowledge and also a funnel to help users learn more about how Your 360 Business Review. 


The initial goals of the project were to:

  • Have a method of connecting with business owners and be the kickstarter for them taking a look at their business in a whole new light. 
  • Providing people with the understanding and basic resources they need to recognise why business analysis is invaluable to their future growth and success.

To achieve these goals, the following system was put into place to guide users through the website: Facebook Ad → Free Downloadable Guide → Your 360 Performance Review session. 


Apart from the systems regarding the paid side of social media, we also worked on creating organic social media posts during the time of the website launch announcement. 


Due to the work completed during their project, Your 360 Business Review now has a deeper understanding of what specific niche of their target audience is most likely to benefit from the services that they can provide. 


This approach of experimentation and niching down to focus on specific aspects of industry rather than all business owners is what helped Your 360 Business Review find its target audience that it was able to effectively connect with using their Facebook Ads and funnel set-up.


  • Your 360 Business Review was a start-up business that needed a website as a way to connect with and inform business owners everywhere – Orisel was able to provide the brand design, copy and overall site build for their project.
  • With a funnel system in place, Your 360 Business Review was able to have a sustainable system to draw in new prospective clients who had an interest in the use of AI and emotive technology in relation to business analysis.
  • Orisel helped to kickstart Your 360 Business Review’s organic social presence through the use of content creation and branded imagery for use across multiple social platforms.
  • Using the founder David’s extensive knowledge and insight of the business analysis industry, we constructed a free downloaded guide which was designed to help business owners in need of help access an analysis system that would break down how they could optimise their workflow, processes and procedures.



Niche-specific leads generated in the first 20 days


Increase in website session duration


Increase in website users


At the start of 2020, our working relationship with Your 360 Business Review began, and we worked with them to create a funnel system that would speak to the wants and needs of their ideal prospects.


All of this was key to helping them achieve their goals for their company and help business owners everywhere optimise their processes and procedures using the power of emotive and AI strategy.

Future Plans

As Your 360 Business Review works on optimising their own departments, strategies and processes to let their start-up develop and grow, there is always an open door of opportunity for Orisel to help them optimise their approach to marketing and lead generation strategy.

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