Case study

Synthagen Laboratories

29 March 2021



The team behind Synthagen Labs knew that they had an incredible product to offer – a way to feel the benefits of BPC-157 with a simplified administration – capsule form!


But there was a problem, they didn’t have a website up and running that they could drive traffic to and start drawing in those sales. 


And that’s what prompted the start of Synthagen Labs and Orisel’s working relationship – to kick off the project here’s what was involved:

  • Creating a colour palette and style of branding which could fit the look and feel the team of Synthagen wanted to achieve. 
  • Giving Synthagen Labs the platform that they needed to effectively market their product


Once the outline of the website was built and content was written, attention was turned towards the next phase… the funnel build.

Constructing the funnel was a streamlined approach to making sure that people on the website could move through and find what they wanted as quickly, easily, and in a way that removed any unnecessary steps or information from their journey.


Using a tried and tested system, we introduced a free downloadable guide with an upsell of a discount on BPC-157 capsules when people ordered right then and there. 


This was key to driving sales, as it meant people have to take action while they were on the page rather than leave and forget about it.


Once the funnel was finished, we implemented all the changes to make sure that our results were optimised in terms of conversion rates as well as user experience – ensuring a smooth customer journey from start to finish.


The next phase of the project involved marketing by connecting with the right people on the right platform to drive quality leads to the new website, something that was achieved through the active running of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


Complete a website build with bespoke branding and style that fitted the vision the founder of Synthagen Labs had.

To construct a funnel that was designed to drive people towards purchasing from the website.


A series of ad campaigns focused on different stages of the customer journey, to ensure targeting was niched down enough to be truly impactful.

Continuously optimise the ads being run, updating them as and when needed to maintain momentum on results.



increase in orders in the first week.


Sales generated by the initial campaign.


Conversion rate.


As Synthagen Labs continues to grow and develop, Orisel will be on hand to offer website and marketing support as and when needed, so they can continue with their mission of developing BPC-157 capsules and making them more accessible to those who need it.

Future Plans

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