Case study


29 March 2021



With their continual drive towards growth, SuperFOIL has been an amazing partner to work with over the years.

Back in 2017, the goals were to:

  • Increase monthly revenue from an average of £175,000 per month to £200,000
  • Simplify management of multi-channel sales streams


At the time, we found that their website was converting just under 5% of all traffic into leads and this formed the foundation for growing their core business over the next 12 months.


  • As Orisel’s marketing strategies have continued to branch out and diversify over the years, SuperFOIL has been a willing candidate for experimenting with different strategies and tactics.
  • SuperFOIL’s marketing strategy has evolved over time and they currently benefit from using multiple marketing channels to reach out and connect with their ideal prospects through effective paid advertising.
  • With a funnel system in place, SuperFOIL has now been able to pave an effective conversion-generating path throughout its website, ensuring that it gets the most from its online presence and digital marketing.
  • SuperFOIL has built a sales team of 5 executives to keep up with the demand, as well as curating a back-office technical team to support the inflow of new requests. 



Increase in monthly turnover.


Increase in organic traffic.


New leads per month.


In 2016, we helped SuperFOIL turn an average sales month of £175,00 to more than £200,000. In 4 years, we’ve worked together to over double this initial result to £500,000 on an average month with a record month of over £670,000.

SuperFOIL continues to grow and develop for the better, with Orisel consistently working to test and trial new ways to improve revenue generation.

Future Plans

Due to the consistent success of the SuperFOIL campaigns over the past few years, the company is now looking to roll out the same model to another one of their brands: Ventilation Megastore. 

When it comes to their own marketing strategies, there are plans to continue using Facebook Marketing, expand their use of adwords and shopping campaigns, and even begin looking into other mediums such as taboola.

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