Case study


29 March 2021



One of our clients Matthew Ballard actually also owns Steeles and that was what kicked off this project at the start of 2020. 


The Steeles website required a complete design overhaul to be better aligned with the Ballards brand and style, and also required 


With over 70 years of removals experience, Steeles has generations worth of experience in helping people across Stamford move from their A-to-B with ease. 


The goals of the project were to:

  • Update the Steeles website without compromising on its extensive history and experience in the field. 
  • Reflect the branding connection between Ballards and Steeles through a website redesign and build.

The sole purpose of the project was to make it as simple as possible for people looking to relocate to contact Steeles. 


We restructured the homepage to better display their services and be more engaging, while also building a bespoke site map so that it was easier for customers to find what they need quickly and easily.


As Steeles is an extension of Ballards, their team carried over their work ethic to their new website – as they continue to offer a comprehensive removals service, with expert advice and friendly support, which shone through in their approach to their website design overhaul. 


For more than that year we’ve worked with Steeles, we helped to completely overhaul the design of their website and effectively restructure their content with a Ballards’ style twist.


  • The website needed a more modern look and feel, and assurance that it was responsive and mobile-friendly – all of which was key to improving user experience.
  • We’ve also introduced them to Facebook Ads for generating potential customers through quicker lead generation methods than ever before.
  • Efficiently presented on Facebook within easy reach for those looking at moving home or business premises but don’t know where to start.



Increase in website traffic from Google ads.


Increase in website traffic within 30 days.


Of conversions through new Facebook ads.


Steeles has experienced a surge in interest in their services since the launching of the new website, and through the set up of their funnel system, they have gotten an increase in both paid traffic and organic as awareness of their business spreads and they become a part of the Ballards name.

Future Plans

As our partnership with Ballards and Steeles continues to grow and strengthen, our plan of action is to continue working on developing and diversifying Steeles marketing strategy to ensure the best results possible.

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