Case study

Scape 360

29 March 2021



Since our working relationship began, the founder and team behind Scape 360 have been a pleasure to work with over the years. 


With an eye for detail and perfecting the project, they’ve always gotten the best out of every test and trial we employ to give them and their clients the best outcome possible.


For the time that Orisel has worked with Scape 360, we have worked on 2 projects for them.


Back in 2020, the goals of the project were to:

  • Create a design for, write the content for and build a website which reflected Scape 360’s brand and values.
  • Design a funnel with the purpose of getting people to download a guide on “3D Innovation In Industry” and then guide them towards booking a ‘Reality Capture Session’. 
  • Effectively drive high-quality leads towards Scape 360’s website by using an iron-clad strategy for Facebook Ads.

Since then, the Scape 360 project has had an update and a niche-down, with the focus shifting towards a specific aspect of the organisation’s target audience: educational facilities.


Due to this, the scope of the project changed and required a new angle and objectives to help the project effectively develop further. 


With the original funnel focused on showing business owners the power of the 3D technology, the latest funnel created for Scape 360 in 2021 is focused on the use of scape technology in educational facilities.


This approach of constantly innovating and optimising the use of Facebook Ads has helped to gather key data for further marketing efforts. 


For example, By going through and optimising the marketing strategy and use of the funnel, we’ve been able to draw in 100+ sign-ups for Scape 360’s email marketing using Active Campaign.


  • Design an ebook lead magnet focused on decision-makers in the education sector helping decision makers in the industry recognise how it impacts learners, teachers and parents alike.
  • Showcasing the use of scape technology with a real-life example of it in action and the impact it had on the facilities – i.e. how it helped to boost their application rate for students.
  • Setting up an email nurture sequence in Active Campaign to guide and nurture users towards booking onto a Reality Capture session with a member of the Scape 360 team.





Of contacts reached by initial campaign.


Increase in website traffic within 7 days.


increase is traffic from social channels.


This system has allowed Scape 360 to provide its clients with detailed insights into how bespoke their service really is, and how the technology that they use can apply to a variety of different industries and niches.

Future Plans

Since the launch of their site in 2020, our partnership with Scape 360 has grown with the addition of 2 funnel creations for their website.


The marketing strategies used to help them connect with their ideal prospects will continue to grow and diversify with the business – all of this key to helping them reach the end object of sustainable and progressive growth.

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