Paladin Radiators

Case Study

Paladin Radiators is a manufacturer of bespoke cast iron radiator ranges based in Lincoln, UK and has been working with us for more than 2 years.


The team behind Paladin Radiators knew that they had a truly unique product on offer, something that could be customised to suit virtually any sense of style.


The issue that they were facing was that they needed to develop their digital brand to get it into the eCommerce frame of mind and since the 3 years that this project began, the business relationship between Paladin and Orisel has developed to form a strategy that WORKS. 


With a willingness to change their approach to digital marketing, Paladin has been a great client to work with and maximise the use of their WordPress website. 


Just over a year ago, we worked on building Paladin’s website based on the design they provided and created a bespoke radiator configurator form. 


After the initial website build, it was easier for users to configure their radiator with a single compacted form to walk through, helping to improve usability and boost user experience. 


We then proceeded with a full tailored funnel build which has driven up the demand for Paladin cast iron radiators significantly. 


Paladin has become a client whose results from Facebook Ads has really shined, and their faith in the Orisel framework has allowed them to get incredible marketing results sustainably for 6+ months. 


Currently, the campaign we run for Paladin is:

  • Designed to guide users to download a free brochure showcasing their range 
  • Users are then guided towards completing the radiator configuration form 


This is a personalised system that has been designed to help Paladin gather new customers and make sales, and has generated more than 2000+ leads for the business in 3 months. 


These changes have led to a surge in demand, with organic website traffic skyrocketing and a more than 200% increase in conversions. 


All of this was key to helping Paladin smash its initial goals of turning more browsers into buyers and increasing their sales.



  • Initial website build with the addition of a bespoke radiator configurator.
  • Introduction of a tailored funnel system designed to drive leads into the business and increase sales.
  • Launch of Facebook Ads designed to raise awareness of Paladin’s cast iron radiators and remarket to potential customers.



Increase in organic website traffic.


Increase in conversion rate.


Additional leads generated in the first 90 days.


With more than £200,00 in sales in just 3 months, Paladin is still getting outstanding results from their ads regularly and are still on track to great opportunities for development in the near future.

Future Plans

Due to the success of paid campaigns, Paladin would be a great candidate for a Digital Growth Plan – a system designed to get them even bigger and better results.


But in the meantime, the results driven Orisel team will continue to push out curated ad content and visuals designed for success. As long as sustainable growth is happening, we’ll keep diversifying our strategies by introducing new systems and strategies to get even bigger and better results!

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