IAB Europe

Case Study

The association for the advertising and digital marketing industry across Europe to help businesses get the tools and resources that they need to thrive.


After coming to us with an original design that they wanted across their website, our project with IAB started 2 years ago when we first built their website.


IAB Europe has connections across the world and needed a professional website that clearly reflected who they were and what they could do. To reach those ideal customers, their website first needed a complete restructure and refresh across every page to improve flow and give a boost to user experience.


The initial project that we completed for IAB Europe was a website build that reflected their values and branding.  Over time, we have continued to work with the organisation to add to the basic site and design and build more pages as and when required.


After the initial website build, our working relationship with IAB has continued to develop and grow, with the introduction of:

  • A curated register system for their events specific to Interact events  
  • A bespoke ticket system suitable for ongoing events IAB hosts all year round


Since our working relationship began in 2019, Orisel and IAB Europe have continued to collaborate on new projects to streamlining the website and adding new features to help improve the user experience even further.


  • Over time, as Orisel has continued to provide support, more projects have developed, with IAB undergoing a revamp on some aspects of their website – i.e. the introduction of a new membership area.
  • To streamline things for the website users, we worked with IAB to add a Knowledge Hub to their site helping their audience keep updated with the latest developments in the advertising industry.
  • To help members of the IAB Europe team be able to make their own edits to the website and understand how and when they can make edits, they were provided with some virtual training by our in-house web designer.
  • To help the company reach a wider audience, Orisel most recently worked on adding a podcast capability to the IAB Europe website, giving them another route of communication to connect with prospective clients everywhere.



Increase in website traffic within a year.


Visits in the first week.


Increase in goal completions.


Within the last 2 years, we worked with IAB Europe to help revamp the look and feel of their website and working on improving it to better user experience and helped them to build a community with the addition of a membership feature on their website.


IAB Europe continues to develop new ideas for connecting with their community and Orisel is on hand to help every step of the way to ensure a smooth implementation.

Future Plans

Due to the ongoing success of our partnership with IAB Europe, we’re preparing to start on a new project with them – developing their “Our Focus” section of their website.


In order to provide the best user experience possible, we’ll continue to work hard on these new projects to improve the user experience even further.

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