Case study

Genius Technology Solutions

29 March 2021



With their desire to innovate to provide the best solution possible, Genius has been a great partner to work with over the past 3 years. 


In 2019, our working relationship with Genius began and as the partnership continued to grow over the years, newer and more innovative strategies were introduced into creating bigger and better marketing solutions that have a real impact.


Which is why in late 2020, Genius became a Digital Growth Plan client, and to ensure that they were going to get the best results possible, we moved forward with an overhaul of the layout of their website and also the content used. 


Our goals for 2020 were to:

  • Improve the current Genius funnel to improve its efficiency at gathering results 
  • Set up a foolproof system for sustainable lead generation using Facebook Ads
  • Regularly connect with prospective customers through new and innovative mediums

Currently, we work on helping Genius increase their reach using both organic and paid strategies, all of which is key to showcasing the company’s ability to be a well of resourceful information that homeowners everywhere need to be aware of. 


The Genius funnel now guides users from a niche-specific ‘Facebook Ad’ → ‘Free Connectivity Guide’ → ‘Free Connectivity Checker’ all key to crafting a specific customer journey when people land on the website. 


By doing this, Genius was able to connect with prospective customers who were looking for the best broadband speeds in their area. 


This approach was invaluable to helping homeowners and businesses across the UK ensure that they were getting the best broadband possible, and the knowledge that they had on-hand expert support if they wanted to look into connectivity solutions.


  • As part of their DGP, Genius regularly has their Facebook Ad content updated and optimised to ensure that they are getting the best results possible, leading to 31 leads being generated in 14 days from a single campaign.
  • To help Genius organically spread awareness of the latest trends and changes in their industry, we now work to produce 2 blogs each month – also helping to keep their website updated and refreshed when it comes to SEO and new regular new content.
  • Genius connects with its prospect regularly through a nurture sequence on Active Campaign – in a month, there has been a 58% increase in email sign-ups, with all emails currently getting a 40+% email open rate.
  • With a funnel system in place, Genius now has an automated system that allows them to continuously gather leads and optimise for better opportunities to connect.



Lower bounce rate.


Increase in website traffic.


of website visitors from social channels.


In 2019, our working relationship with Genius started, and since then it has evolved to now, where we’re in the process of revamping their entire website, working on their sister company Genius Konnect and continuing to innovate to let them connect with prospects across the UK.


As Genius continues to progress and do better month up month, Orisel will be on hand to help them continue to grow and help homeowners and businesses everywhere get the connectivity solution for them.

Future Plans

As Genius continues to look into the latest connectivity solutions, our plans for their marketing strategies continue to grow and change to suit their latest needs.


In the near future, we will be doing some work to help connect the bridge between Genius Technology Solutions and Genius Konnect – a sister company, to help Genius spread their connectivity solutions even further.

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