Funky 3D Faces

Case Study

Funky 3D Faces is an innovative and unique provider of custom 3D mini figure heads based in Lincoln, UK.


Funky 3D Faces is driven by a desire to help people celebrate special moments and phases in their lives with a gift that is truly unique. 


Their willingness to experiment with different marketing tactics and strategies has helped them to connect with their ideal buyers at peak times in their customer journey. 


Our work with Funky 3D Faces first started 2 years ago, with us on hand to provide web development support as and when needed.


Our initial project with Funky 3D Faces was started off by them dabbling with their own Facebook Ads. 


A prior Christmas, the company had worked on their own ads and had gotten some great results from it. 


It was this positive experience that helped them start to do the same the next year, except there was a problem…

This resulted in the alarm bells ringing, as it was quickly realised action needed to be taken to avoid losing all those valuable Christmas sales – which is the peak season for the company. 


It was then that Funky 3D Faces got in touch with Orisel, who was providing them with website support at the time, and we quickly drafted up an idea of what we could do, and got the go-ahead to get started! 


We started off by overhauling their Facebook Ads and creating a product-specific cart flow in preparation for Christmas.


Even with the ads getting up and running later than they had for the previous year, they actually made 30% more than their previous peak season while also saving £7,000 on their ad spend. 


To make this a reality, Funky 3D Faces ads were continuously optimised and their strategy advanced to get a more than 5x return on their investment. 


Alongside this surge in positive results, the project of the website refresh began, with the purpose of updating the website to better reflect the new look and feel the company wanted to present to the world.


One of the first parts of the project was the freshness of the Funky 3D Faces logo, to create something which better suited the new bouncier look and feel.

The next step was to give the actual website itself an update, maintaining the same colour scheme and aspects of branding style.

Once the new website was live, Facebook Ads were put into motion to drive traffic towards the brand new website.

In addition to this, there were also video content-based ads that were run on Facebook to give a more in-depth look at the custom 3D heads on offer.



More traffic from Facebook ads.


Increase in sales within 7 days.


Times return on ad spend.


With over 500 sales made within the first week of setting up their ads, the relationship between Funky 3D Faces and Orisel has continued to grow from strength to strength, as their organisation continues to develop new and innovative product lines and variations to send out to market.

Future Plans

Due to the success of the advertising campaigns, Orisel is going to continue to market for Funky 3D Faces all year round rather than just Christmas specifically.


The ongoing website support is also still available to Funky 3D Faces as and whenever they need it, to ensure the ongoing success of their website and marketing.

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