Case study

Dragon Painter

29 March 2021



During the initial lockdown of 2020, Hannah, the founder of Dragonpainter was inspired to take her passion for miniature painting and make it more accessible to creators everywhere. 


And it was this drive that made her come to the realisation that she needed a way to guide traffic and attention towards her brand new website – she just needed the right expert to help her do it. They also knew just how powerful Facebook Ads had the potential to be, but were in need of a helping hand when it came to setting up their actual ad account and effectively optimising it.


From day one of their project, Dragonpainter has proven to be a great business to work with, as we started their project of setting up and managing their Facebook Ad account.

And with each month meaning a new subscription box, the approach to ad content has always had to be to keep things updated and refreshed, to only show the latest and greatest that DragonPainter has to offer. 


They have been open to all suggestions, whether it was some distinctive visuals or niche ad copy they are always willing to dabble and experiment. 


Since ads have started running, it has been astonishing how their audience has grown (with the added bonus of an incredibly low drop off rate!) and turned into a collaborative community of creators coming together to indulge in their hobby. 


Through the implementation of an Invisible Funnel (a fancy way of saying all the benefits of a funnel without the need for the webpages), Dragonpainter’s remarketing strategies have proven to be effective, with over 7.4% of visitors who added to their cart being prior website visitors.


  • In the 3 months, we’ve been working on this new marketing strategy, Dragonpainter has gained 1,600+ website uses, with 88.2% of that website traffic being driven by social ads.
  • Since the start of 2021, Dragonpainter’s reach through Facebook has increased by 23.7K%.
  • Due to the phenomenal feedback Dragonpainter has received, they’ve even started gathering testimonials from happy customers to use in future Facebook Ads!



Of website traffic from Facebook marketing.


Potential customers reached daily.


Website visits in the first month.


Within the first 3 months of working together, we have helped Dragonpainter to grow a community of miniature painting enthusiasts, and sustainably generate leads using Facebook Ads – a successful route we plan to continue growing and diversifying as our working relationship continues to develop.

Future Plans

As this successful start-up continues to grow its prospective audience and connect with more artists across the country, Dragonpainter is committed to carry on reaching out to more, so we’ll continue to diversify the strategies we use for their Facebook Ads to get them the best results possible.

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