Case study

Decking Superstore

29 March 2021



As Balustrade Superstore and Decking Superstore are owned by the same people and fall under the same name as Platinum Superstores, they are both on a Digital Growth Plan.


Over recent months, the Decking Superstore project has started to become more prominent as a project, with the purpose being to: 

  • Add new product ranges that Decking Superstore has as the business continues to grow beyond decking products alone.
  • Optimise the Google Ads and Facebook Ads strategy with the use of specific buyer personas to ensure effective connections are built with dream clients. 


To make this a reality, we delved into keyword research based on the optimal terms to use for Decking Superstore – ones with a high clickthrough rate and as low a cost per click as possible.

Since our working relationship with Decking Superstore began, we have worked with them to boost their average weekly sales so they are up by 15%. 


This was something we were able to achieve through consistent optimisation of their ad strategy to help them continue to grow their reach and connections with homeowners and professionals alike. 


Once the Decking Superstore ad strategy was in place, attention shifted towards growing their product line and expanding in artificial grass. 


The reason this was so important is that it would help Decking Superstore connect with new potential audiences and grow their revenue streams.


Conduct in-depth analysis of key search terms to optimise Google Ads’ use as much as possible.

Facebook Ad campaign focused on driving traffic to the Decking Superstore website and so providing them with a sustainable flow of leads.


Run Facebook Ads specifically focused on driving hot traffic through their sales funnel to drive up sales.



Increase in sales within 7 days.


Carts generated by a single ad campaign in one month.


Link clicks through Facebook ads in one month.


Decking Superstore had an ROI of 1678% from their Google Ads, and as such we will continue to work with them to further optimise and improve their strategy to continue to help them grow and develop.

Future Plans

Orisel will continue to be on hand to create new and innovative ad campaigns to help Decking Superstore connect with homeowners across the country. 


The optimisation of all the strategies and tactics that are used to get results will continue to help Decking Superstore open up to new lines of leads and potential revenue streams.

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