Case study

Balustrade Superstore

29 March 2021



Balustrade Superstore’s project had ambitious beginnings and that route of diversifying and experimenting has continued throughout their project, from the very first phase of identifying their ideal customer right up to now.


The initial goals of the project were to:

  • Complete a website build – to improve user experience and guide customers through the process of ordering a balustrade system
  • Engage and convert new customers using paid social media – to grow their customer base, and help drive high-quality leads to their website.


Over a year ago, Balustrade Superstore became a Digital Growth Plan client and since then, multiple doors of opportunity have opened for marketing strategies to get the best results possible.


Since May 2020, Balustrade Superstore has had an active funnel in place based on a dream buyer avatar created through their work with Orisel.

To ensure that Balustrade Superstore was able to effectively connect with their ideal prospects, we worked on creating a flow-through of highly optimised Facebook Ads → Free Guide Download → Calculator for Balustrade System.


By taking this approach, we were able to help the company to connect with their ideal customers using a proven system, helping to draw in a flow of high-quality leads.


In 4 months alone, more than 300+ website leads were generated using Facebook Ads, all fitting of the dream buyer avatar created in the planning phases of the project.


As a result of the success they’ve had with their campaigns so far, Balustrade Superstore continues to use Facebook and Google Ads as they feel the benefits of their tried and tested funnel functionality.


  • The current marketing platforms Balustrade Superstore uses are Google Ads and Facebook Ads for ways of effective lead generation, helping them to reach a wider audience of prospects.
  • As the optimisation of Balustrade Superstore’s marketing strategies has continued, all ads run will continue to be focused on getting the best results possible in a cost-effective way.
  • With their funnel system up and running, Balustrade Superstore has benefited from a consistent inflow of website traffic who are fitting of their dream buyer personas, effective due to the consistent monitoring and optimisation of their marketing campaigns.
  • Balustrade Superstore has seen a surge in website traffic and consequently an increase in the number of sales, with a 60+% increase in the number of sales made in the last year.



Increase in sales volume.


Increase in website users.


Increase in traffic from social media.


For the past 3 years, we have worked with Balustrade Superstore to optimise their approach to marketing to reap the best rewards possible. Within the last year alone, we’ve helped them achieve a surge in sales and get even more value out of their marketing strategy. 


Balustrade Superstore’s upward streak is always being developed for the better, with Orisel always looking into the latest ways to innovate and draw in traffic suitable for their specific niche.

Future Plans

Balustrade Superstore is undergoing changes with their Google Ads, once this is completed, Orisel is looking into offering more targeted ads and products for users on a month by month basis using Facebook Ads for a product retargeting system.

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