Case study

Arial Trail

29 March 2021



Arial Trail offers an accessible adventure suitable for adults and children alike, and needed a website support plan – exactly what Orisel could provide!


During the times that we’ve hosted their website, we completed some custom work for them to help improve user experience and the look and feel of their website. 


For the years that we’ve worked with Arial Trail, we’ve always been on hand to help them as they continue to diversify and expand their reach across Lincolnshire and further afield. 


It was at the start of 2021 that we started a major project for Arial Trail, with the purpose being to refresh the look and feel of their website and update their image. 


The aims of this new project were to:

  • Help streamline the booking system, so it’s easier for people to book a session and for the team behind Arial Trail to manage it flexibly. 
  • Change up the style of their website as they prepared to announce their reopening.

To make this a reality, we worked on researching booking systems to find the best solution for Arial Trail. 


Once we had completed this project for Arial Trail – it showed how they were able to better improve the user experience while they were on the website.


The added flexibility when it came to scheduling meant that it was easier for Andy and Denise to work around their day-to-day job schedules and make alterations based on weather conditions. 


All of this was key to improving Arial Trail’s experience while being on a plan as an Orisel client, in fact, in the first month of the launch, 77% of people who added an experience to their cart proceeded to the checkout.


Refresh the style of the Arial Trail website, to try and make it more user-friendly, and a more modern sense of style.

Introducing an update to the booking system, making it easier than ever for the team at Arial Trail to tailor the calendar to suit their work schedules.


Giving prospective clients the simplest route possible to make a conversion – i.e. 3 clicks or less to complete a conversion – these short routes were the ones that got the highest conversion rate overall, dominating all other paths to results.



Of visitors to the booking page proceeded to book.


Of bookings check-out.


Minutes to the first sale post-launch.


With rocketing conversion rates within a month of their refreshed website launch, Arial Trail is on track to continue with this rate of rapid growth and continue to develop and grow with the help of their streamlined website.

Future Plans

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