Case study

Apex Culture

13 May 2021



As the founder of Apex Culture, Daniel has been the primary point of contact for the team and has been 100% dedicated to getting his website up and running so prospective clients can contact him with ease.

What makes Apex Culture a great client is their rapid response time and focus on getting the job done, which has helped to effectively help to get their website, funnel and marketing strategy in action as quickly as possible. 


The initial goals of the project were to:

  • Reach more people online and help them to achieve their fitness goals, making them aware of the health benefits associated with this type of exercise.
  • Raise awareness of the Apex Culture services and how people can fit exercise into even the busiest of schedules.

Once the website had been launched, Apex Culture now had the platform that is needed to make itself more of a prominent and accessible figure in the world of fitness and also provided a place to drive high-quality leads to turn them into clients. 

To make this a reality, we worked to add a funnel system onto the website, as well as a way to connect with and then nurture leads who were fitting the business’s ideal client persona. 


To ensure that Apex Culture was able to reach its ideal client base, we used multiple marketing channels to help make sure that they were connecting with the right people.


Through a combination of Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads, we were able to identify which was drawing in the best stream of traffic to once again help us to optimise the strategy and budget that was going into getting these results.


The first thing we had to do was establish the brand and style that was going to be present through the Apex Culture website, with a look and feel that spoke to the needs of the dream personas in this scenario.

Once we had the core website set up, the attention then turned to the funnel, which would be specifically designed to draw in new prospects and help them to see the value in what Apex Culture was able to provide them with – to drive this, we use Facebook Ads to ensure high-quality leads.


Effectively guide users through their journey with Apex Culture using hyperfocused Facebook Ad → Busy Life eBook → Performance Breakthrough Session

Raise awareness of the “Apex Accelerator” – a challenge that participants can take in each month, a unique type of upselling that can support people in their journey to becoming part of the Apex Culture community.



Of website visitors clicked the CTA.


Of conversions from new Facebook ads.


Conversion rate on guide downloads.


Apex Culture has 5 guide downloads within less than 24 hours of their Facebook Ads going live (which means even in the learning stages, the ad strategy was getting results), this leaves a positive impression for the future, as we continue to marketing guides and performance breakthrough sessions to help Apex Culture continue to grow and progress.

Future Plans

Orisel is continuing to manage Apex Culture’s ad campaigns across Facebook Ads, to ensure they are consistently optimised and are fulfilling their purpose of helping open doors to new opportunities for growth.

In development are some additional website pages, specific to the products/services that Apex Culture is now branching out and providing.

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