Case study

Almond Financial

29 March 2021



The team behind Almond Financial have shown themselves to be open to as much marketing diversification and experimentation as possible within the guidelines of their niche. 


The Almond Financial team have always shown themselves to strive for transparency and precision when it comes to connecting with their clients, something that Orisel reflected in the marketing strategies used.


Since early 2020, Almond Financial has been an Orisel client, and during that time, they’ve undergone 2 funnel creations as well as a consistent flow of specific niche marketing. 


The primary goals of the original 2020 project were to:

  • Set up a funnel focused specifically on Almond Financial’s Pension services focusing on a niche and relevant target audience 
  • Help to create a sustainable flow of leads that were fitting of the characteristics of prospects Almond Financial can work with.

Since the start of the project, we’ve worked with Almond Financial to diversify with their marketing strategy, such as when we worked with them to rebrand their original ebook to target an even more niche audience. 


To ensure the eBook had the biggest impact possible, we worked on refocusing who the content was targeted at, and decided to hone in on a very specific niche, who the content would be ideal for. 


By doing this, we were able to improve the targeting for the eBook and also help Almond create new connections with prospects who were even better suited to be a client of theirs.


Using a powerful combination of Google and Facebook Ads, we ensured Almond has multiple streams for drawing in new leads.

High-quality leads were then guided towards downloading a free guide relating to pension planning and their financial future – this was all key to providing value before trying to get people to jump on a call with a member of the team.


Effectively nurture new leads with an email sequence, designed to guide users towards a session with a member of the Almond Financial team.

Help to give prospective clients peace of mind that Almond Financial will be able to offer them insight into their financial options and what these choices mean for their financial futures.



New leads from ad campaigns.


Increase in opened emails.


Increase in website users.


Since the start of our work for Almond Financial, their team has shown themselves to be really dedicated to helping their clients get the results they need – which is why Orisel has loved working with them to effectively drive more high-quality leads towards their website.

Future Plans

As Almond Financial continues to grow and diversify, its marketing strategy is going to continue to evolve alongside the organisation.


Continue to nurture the inflow of leads coming in from the 2 marketing funnels that the business currently employs.

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