Boost Your Email Listing! Using a Content Upgrade Pop-up


How many times have you opened an email, quickly scanned over the words, and thought that it had absolutely nothing to offer you?

If you’ve experienced this, then it’s unlikely you want your customers to go through the same thing, so why not ensure you give them an offer they can’t refuse?

Use a content upgrade pop-up to give your readers a reason to stay connected.

Don’t know how?

Then keep reading!

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    Just a few things you need to know so you can follow our instructions properly… 

    In order to follow this blog successfully, you will need to have certain software installed on your website, in this case, you will need to have access to Convert Pro. This is something that you are able to use each time you have content that you want to offer in order to receive email information.



    • This can help you to grow your email list without having a negative effect on user experience. 
    • It can help act as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list, as they are aware of the value that they will be getting. 
    • Adding a content upgrade pop-up can help to retain an audience – this is because it gives people a reason to keep updated with your content.


    You will need to ensure that your content is ready to be posted online, and once you are happy with it, you will need to open your website in a new tab. 


    Content Upgrade Pop-up

    The following are the steps that are involved in the creation and configuration of the pop-up:

    1. Sign in to your website. 
    2. Locate Convert Pro – this will be on the left side.
    3. Select create “New” – you will find this option on the top navigation bar.
    4. Now you will need to select “Modal popup”
    5. You can choose from a range of different templates, once you’ve chosen one, make sure to give your CTA a name.
    6. If you have the “Design” tab open, you will then need to click on the action section- this will allow you to set up what your button does when a user clicks on it. 
      • Some examples of the options we’d advise you to choose from the “Field Action” dropdown menu include:
        • Submit
        • Go to URL 
    7. Now you can design your pop-up and to the left of your screen, you will see various elements that you are able to drag-and-drop into your CTA template.
    8. It is important to fill out the pop-up in the following way:
      • Headline – select this to change the writing & design 
      • Subheading – enter your text & alter the design 
      • There is an option on the left-hand side, which you are able to use if you want to ask for more information – in this case, you will be requesting their email address. 
    9. Configure – where you would like it to display – i.e. after some user inactivity, the pop-up will appear.
    10. Choose a mail list provider. 
    11. Go through the steps to integrate your account and you may need API keys. 
    12. You will need to make sure to click on “Save”.  
    13. Once you have done this, you will need to make sure that you have set it to “Public”. 


    Discover what goes into making a good pop-up?

    It is important to make sure that you take the time to craft your pop-up so that users understand what they’re getting and why that’s good.

    • Clearly show what they’re getting for providing you with their email address.
    • Minimise the number of fields – your main focus is getting their email address 
    • Use persuasive language to show that exactly why this is a great option for them. 
    • Add in statistics – which can help add credibility to your content 
    • Outline the benefit of the upgrade – how to prevent… 
    • Use of power words is always a bonus
    • Use of a short and snappy CTA 


    1. Move onto arranging the pop-up’s visibility – this is something that you will have to do by selecting “Manual Mode”
      • If you’ve used the welcome mat option, then you could use the “Timed” option, so the pop-up will appear to a user after an amount of time you’ve set. 
      • Preventing Pop-ups on certain Pages:

        • If there are pages on your site where you don’t want the pop-up to appear, then make a list of them (for example, you may not want the pop-up to appear on the “Thank you” page).
        • You are able to ensure the pop-up doesn’t appear on these pages by selecting “Don’t show rules” (you will see it under the controls for display time of the pop-up), you will then need to select “Add New Rule” and then “URLs” – this will then allow you to add the pages you don’t want to include.
        • If you want to prevent particular pages using a certain URL, then you will need to select:
          • URLs
          • Paths
          • Exactly Matching

    You will then need to input the URL Path that can be excluded, and then select “Add This Condition”

        • To exclude entire subdomains or subfolders, you will need to select “URL Paths” and then “Beginning With” 
        • If you have a clear understanding of your website’s URL structure, then there is the option of selecting “URL Paths” and then “Containing”


    1. Now select “Success” – this will then allow you to arrange what happens after the user sends their email address – you will have choices available to you to allow users to access downloadable content:
        1. Select “Redirect URL” – you will then need to add the link in the redirect box
        • Only applicable if you have a paid account:

    Select “Download Content Upgrade” – this will then give you the option of uploading your file – it will automatically download once the user has left the email.

    1. Now you have to link to your email service – to do this, choose your service from the presented list – you will then need to enter how many additional subscribers will be added to your email listing.
    2. Finally, select “Make Live” – once you’ve done this, your pop-up will now be displayed on your website. 



    You have just added a pop-up to your website which should be a contributor towards expanding your email listing. 

    Thanks for reading our blog!

    If you found it useful, then make sure to check us out on social media, so you can keep updated on upcoming blog posts.

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