A Warm Welcome Email Using MailChimp


Are you preparing to start an email campaign?

Maybe you already have a rapidly growing email list?

Have you considered the first impression you want to make with your emails when a new subscriber is added to your list?

Ensure that you give people the warm welcome they deserve when they join your email list by using setting up a welcome email automation using MailChimp.  

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    Benefits of MailChimp 

    First things first, let’s just go over what MailChimp actually is…

    An online automation service that enables you to send emails to your target audience on a scheduled basis. 

    1. Helping you to create a bond between yourself and your target audience. 
    2. Automated process – meaning new subscribers get the same welcome message as prior prospects – helping you to ensure a consistent level of professionalism and accuracy.
    3. If you don’t have more than 2,000 subscribers and don’t send out more than 12,000 emails each month, then you won’t have to pay to use MailChimp.  
    4. By utilising MailChimp’s Merge Tags, you can customise your email to make it feel more personable. 


    First Steps

    • You will need to log into your MailChimp account (or create one if you haven’t already). 
      • Now we move onto the vital part – actually writing the welcome email. There are a number of factors that you will need to take into account, these are:
        1. Type of business 
        2. Target Audience 
    • It is important to ensure that you have a basic template in place which you can use:
      1. A warm welcome – when someone subscribes, you need to show them how grateful you are. 
      2. Show your subscribers the value they’re going to get from being on your email list – it is also important to include details such as how frequent your emails are going to be. 
      3. To humanise the email, so that they know there’s another person on the other end, tell them something about you. Doing this can help you to build brand representation.
      4. Provide a CTA – by doing this, you’re increasing interactiveness between the brand the subscriber, for example, you might give them the opportunity to see what the most popular blogs your company has to offer. 
      5. Include a signature and/or headshot – this can once again help to increase the brand’s credibility. 


    Welcome Email Automation 

    By automating the process, you can save plenty of time, rather than having to send a manual email to each and every one of your subscribers. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to set up the automation:

    1. Open your MailChimp account 
    2. You will then need to select “Create campaign” and then “Create email”
    3. Once you’ve done this, choose “Automated” and then “Welcome new subscribers”
    4. It is important for you to rename your campaign – use something that is identifiable, so you’ll recognise it in the future.
    5. Click on the following, in the order shown:
      1. “Begin”
      2. “Add Email”
      3. “Design Email”
    6. “Email information” form – this is something you will need to fill out, once you’ve done this, select “Next”. 
    7. Now choose your design and edit it to suit your personal requirements (you can do this by selecting the pencil icon). Once you’ve done this, make sure to select “Save & Close”. 
    8. You will need to edit the main body of text in the email; you may also want to add images, this is something you can do by clicking “Content” (you’ll find it on the right side of the screen), then click on “image”, and put it into the email. You then have the option of choosing which image you want to use, once you’ve done this, you will need to select “Save & Close”.
    9. On the bottom-right of the screen, you will see “Save and Continue” – click it. 
    10. You will then be taken to the original Welcome Email Workflow page – you can now change the trigger to be activated as soon as a subscriber joins. Once you’ve done this, you will need to click on the “Save and Exit” button. 


    And… you’re done! 

    You have successfully created welcome email automation using MailChimp. 

    Thanks for reading our blog, we hope you found it helpful, and if you’re interested in finding out more, make sure to check us on social media. 

    We’ll keep you updated with new blog posts each and every week!

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