A Simple Framework To Target Business Owners Using Facebook Ads


Before implementing a full-blown Facebook Ad campaign, it’s important to ensure that you’ve prepared a strategy that will grab the attention of your target audience, ensuring that their only option is to try and find out more.

We’ve created this blog to try and help you understand how important having a strategy in place for Facebook ads really is, that’s why we’ve outlined the key components you need to have in place to implement a successful campaign.


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    Benefits of Preparing a Facebook Ads Strategy: 

    • You can make sure that you are targeting the right people based on their interests and activities.
    • You can ensure that the money you are spending on your ad campaign is having the desired effect – generating leads.
    • By implementing a strategy, you can make sure your target audience isn’t too broad or too small, so you know you’re targeting the right amount people, who may become business leads.

    Interest Targeting

    1. Find interests that are related to the target audience.

    Target business owners who use Facebook ads – examples of categories to target:

      1. Business Page admins
      2. Facebook Page admins
    This is because these are the people who are most likely to own their own business as they are running their own Facebook page.
    2. Target people who read online content related to owning a business:
    Examples of Interests
      1. Entrepreneur (magazine)
      2. Other online publications
      3. Niche online publications – find people who are interested in your specific area of industry
    3. Search for the keyword: “business”
    a. By doing this, you will be able to see other relevant terminology, such as:
      • Business to Business
      • Small Businesses
    4. Target a particular industry or area of business
    • Choose from a range of industries – find which ones are the most relevant to the business owners you are attempting to target.
    5. Search for job titles:
    • Find relevant jobs
    • Option of clicking on suggestions – this will give you an option of choosing different related keywords
    Although using job titles can be a great way to target people, it is best to add in some other interests – helping to find the right people to aim your advert at.
    6. Size of target audience
    If you find that the audience reach is less than 10,000 for the type of people you’re aiming to target, then it is advised to tick the “Expand your detailed targeting to reach… improve performance” box.
    • Facebook will then expand your audience to find more similar people who have a connection to the keywords you have entered.
    If the audience too broad, then you may not get a lot of leads; whereas if the target audience for the ad is too small, you may run out of leads entirely.
    7. If you have:
    • List of site users (people who have visited your site)
    • Leads lists
    • Customers & Clients lists
    • Databases
    Then you can upload this information on Facebook Ads.
    8. Create a lookalike audience
    If you upload a list of clients, then Facebook Ads can create a lookalike audience – it will find people who are similar to those on the list. This can be a great way to target people who are likely to be ideal clients.
    • In this case, the minimum amount of people you can have on an uploaded list is 100 individuals.
    9. Utilising the Facebook algorithm:
    Include the keywords of the type of business owners you are looking to target – make sure to put this information on the ads as well as landing pages text.
    Facebook will be going over the text and will use this information to find people who may be browsing other websites and pages which are related to the keywords you have used. This increases the likelihood that your target audience will see the ads.
    10. Call business owners out on both the ad and landing page
    • Right messages on ads
    • Involves providing the right offer
    • Using the right landing page
    • Show how your business can help them
    Additional Tips
    • If you are planning on testing different Facebook audience interests then it’s advised to do this for 4-7 days to see which ones are the most effective.
    • Test between 10-20 different interests.


    Thanks for reading!

    This has been our blog on the framework to follow if you’re planning on targeting business owners using Facebook Ads. We hope that you found this blog post useful. If you did, make sure to check us out on social media, so you can keep updated with our latest news and blog posts.