Project Process

Find out how we work with you to achieve maximum results

Define Your SMART Goals

We sit down with you and work with you to determine your SMART goals. SMART goals are:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Relevant

  • Time Bound

"Increase our mailing list by 30% with subscribers who
are interested in our products by July 30th" is an example of a SMART goal."


Discover Your Strategy

When undertaking a website project it is VITAL to understand:

  • WHY your business exists, WHAT it does and WHO it does it for

  • What Your GOALS Are

  • How to MEASURE the results

  • How to ATTRACT prospects, CAPTURE leads, NURTURE & CONVERT them into clients / customers

Before we even start building out your website project we work with you to take a deep dive
into every aspect that will make your website a success.

Execute Your Vision

Starting with a site map, we work with you to define the structure of the site coupled with user flows to visualise how prospects will interact with your content.

Once this has been agreed, we will develop an interactive prototype for you to approve.

Finally, we will develop the full version, making sure all features are fully tested using our robust 42 point check list before launch.


Measure Your Results

Thanks to the first two stages of our project process we have a solid understanding of what a successful outcome is for you.

We ensure that your site is hooked up and configured to report on the metrics you need to know. Using best practices, we implement analytic software whether that be Google Analytics, E-Commerce intelligence or general marketing information (popup conversions, email open rates, lead to conversion, lifetime value and more).

We then work with you to understand where the room for improvement is and when you're ready we will develop the next project plan.

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