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You've been wondering how much impact a good website could have on your business and have filled out our questionnaire...

Many web development companies spend all of their time and energy focusing on things like “showing your company in its best light”, “making you a beautiful website” or “creating a wonderful user experience” without so much as a second thought as to what your customers or clients are actually looking for.

As a result you end up with a website that concentrates on telling the world how great you are, but not one that tells the world how you’ll solve their problems or needs (which is what they will pay you for, not having 25 years experience and a huge list of features they’re probably not interested in).

On the previous page you entered some ball-park facts and figures, so now it’s time to see how even mediocre improvements across the board can make drastic improvements when it comes to your net profit. Here’s a quick run-down:

You said that you get:

{Leads & Prospects:2} leads and prospects per week, which convert into {Customers / Clients:4} customers or clients ({Conversion Rate:8}% conversion rate).

People buy from you an average of {Repeat Business:5} time(s) per year for an average of £{Average Transaction:6}.

Your profit margin is roughly {Profit Margin:7}%, which leaves you with an estimated turnover of £{Yearly Turnover:9} and net profit of £{Yearly Profit:10}.

Here is where it gets interesting…

If you got just 10% more:

  • Leads or Prospects
  • Repeat customers or clients

…a 10% higher conversion rate and 10% better average sale price you would improve your TURNOVER from £{Yearly Turnover:9} per year to…

£{10% Turnover:14}

Couple that with a 10% better profit margin and you’d be looking at growing your NET PROFIT from £{Yearly Profit:10} to…

£{10% Profit:15} Net profit per year.


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