Digital Strategy Workshop

When undertaking a website project it is vital to understand:

  • WHY people buy from you, WHAT it does and WHO it does it for

  • HOW You Did It

  • What Your GOALS Are

  • How to MEASURE the results

  • How to ATTRACT prospects, CAPTURE leads, NURTURE & CONVERT them into clients / customers

We work with you to take a deep dive into every aspect that will make your website a success.


Investment: £1947 (+VAT)

Gets you the following:

  • Discovery Workshop (up to full day)

    Delivered either in-person or online via Zoom

  • Perfect Buyer Personas

    Get up to 5 detailed buyer personas

  • Current Site Technical Audit

    We perform a technical audit of your current site and submit it along with a human, readable report including key areas of improvement

  • Discovery Results

    Once we've been through the workshop with you, you will be supplied with all results and findings in an easy to digest manner. Ideal for taking to third parties, or launching a project with us

If you end up getting a website built with us, we will discount 50% of this investment cost from your project.