Digital Strategy Workshop

When undertaking a website project it is vital to understand:

  • WHY people buy from you, WHAT you do and HOW you do it

  • WHO you do it for

  • What Your GOALS Are

  • How to ATTRACT prospects, CAPTURE leads, NURTURE & CONVERT them into clients / customers

  • How to MEASURE the results

We work with you to take a deep dive into every aspect that will make your website a success.


Discover WHY

Being clear about why your business exists will help you define clear goals and design a focused online marketing strategy to achieve those goals.

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Define WHAT

What products and services do you bring to market in order to achieve your “why”. Identify your products and services that have the most impact on your customers and the business.


HOW You Do It




We sit down with you and work with you to determine your SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.



Once prospects in your marketplace are visiting your website to browse content and/or products, you need to capture as many leads as you can. We help you uncover the best options for making this happen.


ATTRACT Prospects

Define the biggest problem or frustration your target marketplace has and the tools you have in your toolkit to help them.



Now that you have captured somebody’s details it is time to nurture that relationship by offering more value and beginning a conversation with them.

We work with you to develop ideas for building relationships through your marketing.

Tell The World What You Do


The reason most leads do not convert into customers is because they are not sure what to do next. We identify your on boarding / sales process and brainstorm how you can move prospects towards their first purchase.



It is possible to measure almost everything our website visitors and email subscribers do through online metric software such as Google Analytics and email marketing software like Mailchimp. The problem is there is too much to measure and you can end up feeling overwhelmed by all the data.

We work with you to define what success looks like and how we will measure it.

An Investment of £1,950

Provides you with the following:

  • Discovery Workshop

    Delivered either in-person or online via Zoom

  • Perfect Buyer Profiles

    Get up to 5 detailed descriptions of your ideal customer / client

  • Current Site Technical Audit

    We perform a technical audit of your current site and provide an easily understandable report detailing key areas of potential improvement

  • Project Blueprint

    Once you've completed the workshop, you will have clarity on your project, what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. You will have a document that is ideal for discussing with third parties, or launching a project with us

If you commission a website with us, we will discount 50% of this investment cost from your project.


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