Case Study

SuperFOIL Insulation

"We were getting around 600 conversions per month. In the first month since launching the new design, we're set to double that."

"Over the initial weekend we had 10 people contact us, 5 sample pack requests (this wasn't even accepting entries until Saturday evening), 34 e-book downloads, 2 U-value calculation requests and 5 offline chat enquiries."
-  Will Bown



We worked with SuperFOIL's marketing executive to analyse existing data to establish a baseline to work from. Using this start point we set SMART goals so everyone had a clear idea of what we were looking to achieve.



The main strategy revolved around compelling, low barrier offers in order to capture leads, nurture them with value adding, automated email content and then close with a robust sales process. Heavy utilisation of marketing automation.



Taking 2 weeks from start to completion, this project was an absolute dream to work on. Thanks to the SuperFOIL teams knowledge and organisation, we could easily create high quality, conversion driven templates for them to implement throughout the site.



The SuperFOIL website is now converting an average of 10% of viewers into leads, over double their baseline rate. The results were above and beyond everyone's expectations and they've had to expand to deal with demand.

Main Goal

To increase conversion rates from a baseline of 5%.

To improve customer journey through the website.

To better communicate the benefits of using SuperFOIL products.


Results Update

Thanks to consistently good analytics over the years SuperFOIL have been watching their results like hawks.

I came into work, greeted by an email from Will with the following information:

July 30th (one full month of traffic)

Comparing this month vs last year...
17% More Traffic
15% Lower Bounce Rate
46% Increased Session Duration
18% More Pages Per Session

Overall traffic is down 5.6% BUT...
We've gotten 50% less traffic from social media marketing, but 50% more organic traffic.

Up to 833 website conversions this month (which makes it the best month ever by a good distance)
43 Tracked Phone Calls (call tracking only active from 16th, so 80 estimated in total)

11.5% Conversion Rate
Overall Growth Target: +40%
Current Insulation Sales: +50%

This month we've saved over £10,000 in marketing cost per customer acquisition. This is 100% attributable to the improved website performance.