Case Study


Goal: Lindum Packaging saw a gap in the market for a custom sized box calculator, allowing businesses to easily order bespoke packaging for their products. Thus the idea for Quickbox was born, with a view to capturing a segment of the packaging market.



Quickbox's goal was to make it easier to create a box size for any occasion and place orders for as few or many as needed. By offering a custom box calculator, Quickbox aim to fill this gap in the market.


After an initial failed attempt by another company, Quickbox approached us to turn around a project that was long overdue and had taken months to get right. We worked closely with them to establish and agree the project scope.


The project took a period of 2 weeks. We converted their spreadsheet calculator into a WooCommerce product and quickly launched. Gathering user data we have established improvements and will be working in an ongoing basis to develop the platform.


Quickbox began selling in bulk to various customers across the UK. In the first month since launch, Quickbox has had to recruit staff to keep up with demand. I've been told that on top of web orders, the phone doesn't stop ringing!

"I'm really pleased to work with Orisel. They're responsive, diligent and helped us get this project off the ground when it appeared stuck. We knew the sales would be there, but Orisel helped make them a reality."
- Murray Sellars, Quickbox Founder


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