Case Study

Igluu Meal Prep

"Fantastic Service, great results and easy to navigate for our meal prep containers!" - Igluu Founders



Igluu's main goal was to sell on eBay and their own site in addition to Amazon. This allows them to make more sales, spread risk and take more control over their sales.



To develop a WordPress - WooCommerce site that integrates directly with eBay and Amazon, allowing all content, products, orders and stock to be managed centrally.



Utilising our development blueprint, the project took a period of 2 - 3 weeks from start to completion. Thanks to the great bank of content that Igluu have built up, we had more than enough to work with. 



Igluu actually made their first few eBay sales before the site officially launched. This just proves that when it comes to marketplaces, all you have to do is throw your hat in to get instant results.

Main Goal

Create a platform for Igluu to be able to upload their products on both eBAY and AMAZON. This is essential for growth as it allows them to manage all orders, stock, products and sales directly from their website, saving masses of time and reducing errors across the board.


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