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Access your Exclusive Facebook Course offer and begin your journey towards  achieving sustainable business growth.

A Facebook Advertising COURSE DESIGNED TO GUIDE YOUR BUSINESS TOWARDS Generating Predictable, Scalable Revenue.

Marketing your business is difficult.

Even with the right tools, it's easy to get lost in the sea of competition.

That’s 10,000 times harder, and there’s one key reason for that…

You’re not giving people a REASON to listen to you.

What makes you and your business distinctive from the thousands of all businesses that bombard them with messages each and every day?

In other words, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd as your ideal prospects pass you by because there’s nothing that makes you stand out in that crowded marketplace.

All the time and effort that you put into:

  • Ensuring you source all your materials and resources from the best of the best. 
  • The curated systems you’ve taken years to make your own and build up.
  • The innovative and revolutionary insight that you know can make a difference.

Will go to waste… simply because no one knows about it!

If you want to get people’s attention, you need to make sure that you do it in the right way, by using strategies and systems that have been proven to work, and that’s just what our Facebook Course has been designed to help you achieve. 


Before you can start creating Facebook Ads that get results, you first need to understand the process of research, planning and creation that goes into getting incredible results.

Take these things for example:

  • Brand awareness & recognition
  • Realising you need more than a website to succeed 
  • The seemingly never-ending list of new technologies and social media you need to be on top of

This brief list is just a small snippet of the reality of the everchanging world around us, but at the same time, it’s our job to keep up with it all.

What we’re saying is here is we understand, it can seem overwhelming.

So, we’d like you to take a step back and see things through the eyes of marketers with extensive
background in the field. 

Which is exactly why we created the Navigating Facebook Ads Course, because we understand how some many business owners we’ve worked with feel about day-to-day running of their business as well as experimenting with marketing themselves… 

  • Business Can Be Stressful

    I have extensive knowledge and experience but the day-to-day running of my business can become all-consuming...

  • I’ve Struggled To Get Results Before

    I’ve tried throwing a few ideas out there with Facebook Ads, but nothing really sticks...

  • Facebook Ad Strategies Confuse Me

    I don’t know how to effective marketing to my audience to ensure sustainable and scalable results from my advertising efforts...

  • I Don’t Know How To Best Set Goals

    I understand aims and objectives and what they are, but I never actually put them into an actionable plan for Facebook Ads...

  • Overwhelmed By The Little Details

    A lack of understanding of Facebook Ads can put the brakes on potential projects and lead to little advancement, meaning missed opportunity and potential.

Sound familiar? Then we have something which could help to change it all...

We're going to tell you everything you need to know to get your first Facebook campaigns up and running with an offer that's so good, your ideal prospects won't be able to pass it by.

We'll then give you the tools and the knowledge to track and understand your results as well as a detailed plan to keep improving on them over time.

Here’s A Brief Overview Of You Will Get In The Navigating Facebook Ads Course

Step-By-Step Visual Walkthroughs

Be guided through the process of working to create an irresistible offer with Facebook Ads by our professional marketing experts, helping you to gain insight into how we use strategies that get RESULTS!

Access To Our Exclusive Toolset

Instantly see the strategies and resources that we use for both ourselves and clients in order to dominate the digital playfield when it comes to Facebook Ads.

Expert Level Insight

To use these tools and resources properly, it’s first vital that you first understand what they are, how they can help you and why they are so important to your success with Facebook Ads.

4 Key Stage Structure

Highlighting the importance of research and planning and the way in which this can help you to craft an offer that your ideal prospects can’t refuse.

Templates For Scalable Growth

Each module has been designed to guide you through the process of planning, creating and tracking your Facebook Ads - so you can hit the ground running!

Guiding You In The Right Direction

Building up your confidence when it comes to advertising on Facebook is our main goal here - once you have the proper strategies and tools in place, there’s virtually nothing that can hold you back.

In Addition To... Key Bonus Extras

  • Niche 

    • Omniscience Method - get in the mind of your prospect - £50
    • Facebook Insights Cheatsheet 
    • Market Research Template 

  • Offer

    • HVCO Formulas - craft irresistible headlines - £25
    • Powerplay Offer/Upsell
    • Power Guarantees - simplified risk reversal - £50

  • Content 

    • Ad Fractal Log - Map out your ad variations - £50
    • Facebook Ad Hyperfocus Strategy - 

  • Tracking

    • ROI Calculator 
    • Scientific Split Testing - How to test and trial different ad campaigns - £75

Learn Directly From Multiple 7 Figure Businesses

Want to know what it takes to run ads for businesses that turn over £6,000,000 per year?

Keen to get advice from no-nonsense, forward thinking business leaders?

Aside from our extensive knowledge and experience, you'll learn to use the exact same methodologies that we use with our clients, many of which run 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Bjorn Bojen

- Founder


We’re here to help you get more from advertising on Facebook.

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